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Exploring Ear Endoscopy, a platform to meet, learn and exchange information and ideas

Our mission is to develop and create a platform to meet, learn and exchange information concerning the treatment of Ear diseases. It is a regional, voluntary, multi-disciplinary group of clinicians, hospital administrators, and healthcare research personnel who seek to improve continuously the quality, safety, effectiveness, and cost of medical interventions in Ear Surgery.

Endoscopic minimally invasive ear surgery is relatively a young technique. The traditional microscopic procedure relies on wide exposure through a straight line access by making a large incision behind the ear. The wide-angle view provided by the endoscope enables transcanal access to the tympanic cavity and its otherwise difficut-to-reach extensions like anterior attic, sinus tympani, facial recess and hypotympanum. The endoscope offers a new perspective of cholesteatoma and related surgical procedures by increasing the surgeon’s understanding of that disorder and its progression through the temporal bone.



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