Endoscopic Middle Ear Surgery: Tips and Pearls

The Epitympanum Revisited: Endoscopic Anatomy
June 20, 2016
Endoscopic Management of Chronic Otitis Media and Tympanoplasty
June 20, 2016
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Program Description: Endoscopic ear surgery (EES) is a current hot topic in our specialty, but it is not entirely correct to introduce EES as “new.” Although not new, it is clear that during the last few years, endoscopes have proven to be safe and effective instruments to manage ear diseases in a minimally invasive way, preserving important anatomical structures, allowing functional approaches to well-known conditions. Moreover, endoscopes have provided a better view and understanding of traditional middle ear anatomy and physiology, allowing new landmarks, novel concepts of tissue preservation, ventilation routes, and management of other conditions within the middle ear and beyond.